Saturday, 5 January 2013

New soil stabilisation technology to be used to deal with landslips and damaged roads

The Ministry of Local Government will partner with the Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) to provide stability along damaged roadways and alleviate landslips by implementing soil cement stabilisation.
Line Minister, Suruj Rambachan made the announcement at TCL’s launch of its new alternative use of cement initiative in Mayo. The process involves the use of premium cement, mixed with aggregate, water and asphalt dug up from the road to be rehabilitated.
Rambachan said he was excited by the prospects of using TCL's new initiative to repair roads and that he expects the process to be useful in various applications of road construction and rehabilitation.
“I think we are looking at something that is very innovative and we are looking at something that is of great value, especially when we do a proper cost benefit analysis as we are using this type of technology as against the traditional type of technology. We at local government are prepared to begin to try this technology and partner with Trinidad Cement Limited in this regard,” stated Rambachan.
He said TCL's engineers had informed him that the process would incur government no further costs as it did not involve the use of specialised equipment or required additional manpower.
The process is also expected to reduce costs for road construction by 35 per cent noted TCL Group civil engineer Avaleen Moloo.
Application of the soil cement stabilisation process was made on approximately 50 meters of roadway into the Mayo quarry, to test its strength. Further tests included the covering of the road with a thin layer of bitumen, after which two six-tone trucks, one loaded, then drove over the road.
Rambachan noted that there was minimal movement at the road's base, which would normally require being paved every other day because of breakage. With the new process, roadways are expected to be completed in one day and ready for use by motorists within 24 hours.
Rambachan said he was certainly impressed and deemed it a significant development in Government's plans to see proper, sustainable rehabilitation and repairs of the nation's roadways.

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