Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New talking car Technology

SOUTHFIELD (WWJ) – They’re working on developing a talking car and Tuesday the auto supplier DENSO Corporation donated their technology to students at over a dozen local schools.
Southfield High School is one of 17 schools to get the advanced technology.

DENSO Senior V.P. of (File photo/credit: Vickie Thomas/WWJ)Engineering Doug Patten tells WWJ’s Sandra McNeill it’s not exactly the Knight Rider; it’s one car talking to another.
“… So you can understand what’s going on, what conditions did the car coming in your direction just see? He can tell your car what he just saw so you can be prepared for whatever that condition may be …”
“It’s not really talking to you – it’s talking to your car,” said Patten. It will display a warning on your car’s dashboard.
DENSO Corporation is looking to get feedback and insight from bright young students to improve the technology.
Pioneer high school junior Michael Schilling says he can’t wait to get his hands “This is an opportunity we didn’t think we’d get, now we get to try out technology that hasn’t even hit the street – so, it’s cool,” he said.
Denso hopes to get this technology into cars by 2019.

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