Sunday, 10 February 2013

best valentine's day gift

Are you and your girlfriend or boyfriend known as the ‘geeky’ couple? Are you also having a hard time picking out aValentine’s Day gift for that special someone? Well, worry no more as I will list presents for the geekiest of technology couples.
1. 8-Bit Rose
Roses are arguably the most romantic flowers, but giving them every year seems a bit boring. This year, give your lover this pixel rose that looks like it has been taken out of a classic Super Mario game.
Buy it here.
2. Sushi USB Drive
Instead of treating your date to a dinner, buy some of these instead. No one can resist having at least one of these sushi shaped USB drives in their bag at such a cheap price.
Buy it here.
3. Tetris Lamp
This old classic game has now been turned into a multicolored lamp. With removable parts, you can stack this lamp any way you want!
Buy it here.
4. The Miniature Book of Miniature Golf
Paper-size your miniature golf experience with this book full of miniature golf! Each page includes a small, dented field carving for a tiny golfing experience!
Buy it here.
5. Car Remote Key Spy Camera
Cue the ‘Mission Impossible‘ music. This tiny camera, disguised as a car remote key, will let you live your dream of being a spy. Well, you’ll at least feel like it.
Buy it here.
6. Android Plush Robot
For all those Android users, this is a must have! This cute 9″ stuffed toy will fit perfectly on a girl’s shelf. This plush is also friendly for little kids as well.

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